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State and Municipal Licensing Application Assistance

Do you want to make money in the cannabis industry?  Long term, the only way you will be able to do that is to continue risking arrest and prosecution by growing and selling for the black market, which is not advisable as an endeavor, or you have to obtain licensing in a State where marijuana sales are permitted.  There are now ten States that permit the possession and sale of recreational marijuana, and there are thirty-three States that permit the sale of medical marijuana. The bad part, all of them have different regulations and licensing requirements you must meet before you can get into the industry.  Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone.

Hunter Green specializes in assisting clients with their applications.  Before you decide to go it alone, think about the following examples: in Michigan, the application is completed in two steps, with forty-seven pages of single-spaced forms.  Those forms do not include the mountain of supporting documentation and information that the State mandates be turned over. Ohio requires the filing of twenty-three separate multi-paged forms, along with mandated supporting documentation.  Massachusetts has a similar system, requiring the submission of multiple forms, along with a mountain of supportive documentation. Marijuana sales licenses are some of the most difficult to obtain and costliest to apply for. Colorado’s fee for a medical center with 501 or more patients per day is $22,000.00.  

More than fees and complex forms are the requirements for these applications.  Some States have similarities, other States are completely unique. For example, Michigan and Colorado have similar systems.  Michigan and Colorado both require a dual-licensed process. The applicant must apply and receive a municipal license from a city, town or village that has agreed to allow these facilities, before a State application can issue.  Many of those municipalities have complex application requirements of their own, along with zoning limitations for where, when and how cannabis businesses may operate within the city’s ordinances. Finding such a location, in a city that approves of the use, can be a daunting task in and of itself.

Then you have to complete the State application. They are varied and complex. In Michigan which has one of the more complex application processes, you must first complete Step One, which requires a criminal background check, which has strict disclosure requirements, and a financial “stress-test” for the investor group.  The criminal background check requires disclosure of any and all law enforcement contacts. Several substantial and well-known applicants were denied this year in Michigan simply because they failed to disclose old traffic misdemeanor tickets for failure to produce insurance for a motor vehicle (a misdemeanor in Michigan).  Applicants also have to prove that they have clean financial backgrounds, including having filed all taxes timely and properly for three years. Further, they must obtain attestations that they have met minimum financial solvency requirements, which vary depending on what type of license you are attempting to obtain. Then, you have Step Two, where the applicant must present a “facility plan” which is a business plan on steroids, wherein you must prove to the State that you not only have the requisite business acumen to survive in the industry, but that you understand that rules that apply to your license, and that you have planned and are able to be compliant and stay compliant with those varied regulations.

The Hunter Green Approach

If your head is spinning, you’re not alone.  So many of our clients come to see us with the same thoughts.  Our approach: we take all of these requirements, provide you access to the information and people you need to fulfill the requirements in your State.  We then work hand in hand with you to prepare your “business plan” including all of its necessary parts (usually a facility plan, security plan, employee or staffing plan, record keeping and inventory plan etc.).  Once prepared, we make sure that you are informed and educated about all of the regulations that apply to your cannabis business, and will train your employees on best practices and standard operating procedures to help you avoid compliance issues.

If you are considering putting in a State application, regardless of the jurisdiction, Hunter Green Consulting Group can help put you in the best position for success.  We can work with you, get your application ready, ensure that, as best as possible, you meet all requirements, and put you in the best position to obtain a license. Do not try to do this alone.  In many States, once you are denied, you are permanently barred from applying again. Don’t risk denials for a procedural error or because you didn’t provide some necessary information because you overlooked something or didn’t realize that you had that traffic ticket from twenty years ago.  Let Hunter Green help you with your applications. We have a specific process that has proven very successful and effective for our clients. All of our municipal applications, including those with a “best scores” rubric, have been approved. We can put that success to work for you.

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