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by | Apr 5, 2019

Who We Are… What We Can Do For You

  • We are a cohesive group of diverse professionals who can meet your needs and help to build the cannabis business of your dreams.
  • Our group includes real-world industry experts, marketers and lawyers. Our depth of experience and success has created close working relationships with accountants, surveyors, architects and contractors to make your vision reality.
  • High touch, high level responses to any concerns or needs you may encounter.
  • We also plug our clients into a network consisting of like-minded entrepreneurs in the industry to achieve vertical integration, guaranteed contracts and long-term viability in the cannabis marketplace.
  • Hunter Green Consulting offers complete solutions for strategic market planning, from lobbying at the municipal level for your facility to creating pro forma market analysis reports for presentation to potential investors. We can set up your actual facility to ensure compliance and longevity.

Business Opportunities

  • Hunter Green’s consultants have all been involved in the medical marijuana industry in Michigan for a decade.
  • We offer an expansive network exclusive to our clients that provides:
    • Opportunities to buy licensed facilities, become equity stakeholders in facilities and matching you with others who present viable business options is our specialty.
    • Alliances and guaranteed contracts that ensure vertical integration, return on investment and long-term longevity in the cannabis marketplace.
      • To identify the target market for these products.
      • To understand how to best brand and position them.
      • To identify competitors and benchmark their success.
    • Vetting the physical location of your facility from the very beginning can make or break your business opportunities. We lend expertise to ensure zoning compliance, availability of municipal licenses and we consult step by step in your real estate transactions to obtain property.
    • Hunter Green Consulting offers our expertise to all projects no matter how large or small. Our goal: clients achieve their objectives.

Example: We have clients who simply want to open a single Class A Medical Grow. We also have clients who are seeking multiple Provisioning Center licenses in multiple markets, which they seek to integrate with a network of Class C Grows spread out across the State.

Our Products and Services

CUSTOM SERVICE: What services HGCG offer

Retainer for A-Z set-up* Retainer available for specific need
Market entry evaluation;
Zoning compliance, real estate transactions, atching sellers with buyers, lessees with lessors, zoning appeals;
Vertically Integrated Facility with stacked licenses or a stand alone license that is vertically integrated withother facilities, or which desires to be a singular entity;
Coordinating accountants, architects and contractors to meet deadlines;
Providing options for equipment purchases at facility;
Pre licensing compliance and post license compliance with local and state stakeholders;
Licensing: includes a customized business plan that illustrates applicant’s knowledge of the rules, how the facility will comply with the rules and how the facility will enhance;

Services Offered by Hunter Green Consulting Group

Our Core Strengths

We focus on vertical integration to ensure longevity and prosperity in the cannabis industry. Our focus includes not only our core strengths, but also incorporates analysis of the ever-changing regulations, industry standards and market forces. Investing in our services will yield a fertile future for your facility.



Hunter Green’s Ten Precepts:

  • Know your market
  • Know your customer
  • Know your competition
  • Timing is everything
  • Increase Production and Reduce Costs
        • Continuously improve
        • Stay lean, be efficient
        • Compliance is everything
        • Expect the unexpected
        • Stay in your lane

Outline the next steps for your marijuana facility, by reaching to Hunter Green and scheduling a meeting. Based on your vision, we can provide you options for how we can work with you to achieve your goals and provide ideas to you to maximize your opportunities.

  • To commission a consulting relationship with HGCG:
    • Define the project
    • First, we’ll meet with you to define your project.
    • Next, we will assist with connecting you to other necessary professionals.
    • We will assess and match you with other industry professionals that you can build alliances with and strengthen your project.
    • Ask questions. The better informed you are will yield a bigger return on your investment.
    • Let us take the stress from you so that you can perfect your long-term vision for your cannabis company.
  • Submit a signed retainer. HGCG will immediately present opportunities in the cannabis market to you and present you with all viable options catered to your needs.
    • Then, we’ll negotiate on your behalf, set up meetings with other professionals needed to complete your project and commence work.
    • These steps are completed whether you are just starting your venture into the cannabis market or you are a veteran, who has facilities in other states and are looking to expand your enterprise.
    • No project is too small or too large for HGCG.
    • We dedicate the time necessary to assist you in reaching your goals.
  • Begin the project
    • When you retain HGCG, we immediately assemble an experienced team to analyze and optimize your cannabis opportunities.
  • Provide ongoing support
    • We will continue to work with you after your municipal and state license are approved to ensure compliance and overall improvement.

Next Steps

To start the relationship with HGCG, please contact us today.

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