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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis can be an extremely confusing industry to navigate for all of us at times.

Here are a few of the most common false-truths and facts that a lot of clients and the general population are unaware of.

Can you import product from other 'legal' states?

No. Because possessing, growing, dispensing, selling or sharing marihuana is a violation of Federal law, transfer of federally illegal products across State lines violates laws related to Interstate Commerce, and the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

Can Licensed Provisioning Centers Grow Their Own Marihuana to Sell?

The short answer is, while it depends on each State’s regulations, generally speaking, no, you can’t be a dispensary or provisioning center and grow your own product. While you may, in some States, hold a license to grow and a license to sell, you need each license to do so. In Michigan, for example, you can even co-locate a grow and provisioning center, but you must obtain a grow license and a provisioning center license to do so.

Can Marihuana Secured Transporters be Armed?

Under a State’s laws, there may be exceptions or express permission for a secured transporter to be armed. Some regulations may even expressly permit it. However, under federal law, transport of marihuana is a federal crime, and possessing a firearm while doing so under federal law is a major felony. There are things that can be done to work lawfully around these rules and statutory provisions, but only if you are properly advised.

You Can’t Work in the Industry if You Have a Criminal Record.

Not true. In some cases, States have provisions that restrict employment and licensing opportunities depending on the nature of the criminal conviction. However, not all criminal convictions are created equal when it comes to employment and licensing in this industry. Before you decide that you won’t be permitted to get a job or a license in the industry, give us a call. We can help provide you with appropriate guidance about your prospects for ownership, licensing and employment in this industry.

I Don’t Live in the State Where I Want to Apply for a License. Can I Apply?

Maybe. Each State has its own rules about whether marijuana applicants must be residents of the State to seek a license, of if they are permitted to live outside of the State’s boundaries. Make sure you talk with us about your situation, so that we can give you the best advice and guidance on making the decision about which State or market in which to apply for a license.

I’m a Caregiver in Michigan. What Happens to me After December 15, 2018?

In Michigan, after December of 2018, unlicensed provisioning centers (dispensaries) will not be able to operate, and, as a result, Caregivers will lose that marketplace to sell off growth overages. Licensed provisioning centers will be able to purchase Caregiver products until December 31, 2018, so long as certain requirements are met. Licensed growers and processors will be able to buy from Caregivers until February 28, 2018. After that, barring any other changes, Caregivers will still be licensed, but will be limited to selling to only their registered patients, and only if the patient has not reached their daily purchase limit of two and a half (2.5) ounces.

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