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For those of you who have corporate experience, worked at auto plants or have been subject to “downsizing” or “reorganization”, you shudder at the thought of management and operations consultants coming in and informing you about ways you can improve your business model for the cannabis industry. Likewise, for those clients who have been advised by consultants how to streamline operations to save resources, to prepare for an Initial Public Offer (IPO) or to enlarge shareholder earnings, you understand the importance of knowledgeable and objective advice that consultants can provide to ensure you achieve those goals.

Hunter Green Consulting Group understands the need to balance your long-term vision of best case scenario against the reality of what actually makes a highly competitive contender in the cannabis industry today. Whether your facility involves cultivating, processing and manufacturing, safety compliance, retail sales (dispensaries and/or provisioning centers) or transport of products from one location to another, Hunter Green Consulting Group is equipped with the tools, knowledge and real-world experience to enhance and grow your operation. As adult recreational use comes on line in more and more States, and medical marihuana use is now continues to expand (now in 33 States), our goal is to position your company to not only thrive, but drive the cannabis industry forward with the best practices and procedures available, allowing you to be an optimal player in the marihuana industry.

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Planning for Scale

Planning for Scale

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy. Not necessarily a “cottage industry” but certainly not nearly as advanced as many agriculturally dependent business marketplaces. However, that infancy has not led to a low-cost entry point when trying plan a commercial marijuana start-up. Equipment is expensive, renovations are often complex and costly because in many cases municipalities limit commercial marijuana businesses to industrial zones, occupied by old factories, which need a lot of work to bring them in line with their new purpose.

State Licenses: Are They Really THAT Hard to Get?

State Licenses: Are They Really THAT Hard to Get?

Short answer, yes. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help make the process easier. That’s where Hunter Green Consulting Group comes into play. Rather than talking about making things easier, though, this article focuses on some of the hurdles that investors and cannabis business owners face in almost every market where commercial licenses in the marijuana industry are available. Whether you are interested in a cultivation license, a processing and manufacturing license, or a retail sector license, there are some hurdles common to all of these license types that are important to understand.

Adam Grech

Adam Grech has a diverse background in finance, manufacturing and consulting. Adam has worked as the head of financial audits for NAFTA for Daimler North America, was the head of technical audits for Consumer’s Energy and worked as an audit specialist and consultant for KPMG.

Aimee Fowler

Aimee is an attorney who is licensed in both Michigan and Massachusetts. Aimee has been a licensed attorney for almost fifteen years. She has an undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Mass Communications, and attended law school at both Cleveland-Marshall and Boston University, obtaining her juris doctor in 2003.

Daniel Williams

Dan is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan, obtaining his law degree from Wayne State University in 2008. Dan also has two undergraduate degrees from North Carolina State University, a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in English. Dan has worked closely with the marijuana industry since Michigan passed the Medical Marihuana Act in 2008.

John Hofmann

John is not average by any means. From his unique outlook on life and Mohawk to his tell it how it is attitude, John has always seen this through a different set of eyes. While most of his colleagues were spending time in class John was gaining real life experience that simply cannot be learned from a book.

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