Regulatory Compliance Management and Consulting


Regulatory Compliance Management and Consulting

The single most daunting task that cannabis businesses face is trying to stay compliant with their State and Municipal marijuana business regulations. Since marihuana is not legal federally, the States which have voted to legalize the use of medical and recreational cannabis are setting their own individual rules and regulations about not only personal use and possession, but also for commercial businesses within their boundaries. The result is a patchwork of regulations, which vary from State to State, with some being stricter and some being less strict, both in terms of compliance and enforcement. Ensuring that you are compliant with the regulations, from the start of your business is most important.

At Hunter Green Consulting, we’re experts at helping ensure that your business is fully compliant. We take a “wholistic” approach to compliance. The moment you walk in the door, we will start putting together a plan to make sure you start compliant and remain compliant. From the planning of your facility, security, HVAC, signage, record-keeping, POS tracking, seed-to-sale tracking system, and every other facet of your business, we can make sure that your decisions will put you in the best position when the State comes for their compliance checks.

Most importantly, we recognize that a cookie-cutter, pre-printed approach is NOT what the State is looking for with regard to regulatory compliance. Our compliance and facility plan will be uniquely tailored and created for your individual property, business, and facility. There are groups who will provide you with a pre-made plan that, literally, only requires that you fill in the blank. Almost all of those business license applications are being denied. Why? Because the State has seen them before, and because they do not show a knowledge of the regulatory mandates for current and future compliance. For the State, they are interested in “show me” not “tell me.”

Given the complexity of the regulations, you need to have a partner who has experience handling the complex regulatory structure of the cannabis industry, and who can help provide you with a compliance plan. Here are some examples: For growers, did you know that many States have a specific list of approved pesticides that you can use on your crops? Did you know that there is a corresponding list of banned pesticides, and that if any of these pesticides are detected in a batch sent for testing, the entire batch must be destroyed? For processors, did you know that many States require that you comply with federal food handling and production protocols as part of your business’s standard operating procedures? Did you know that many of those States require you to tell the State in your compliance plan and/or business plan which protocol you will follow? For Safety Compliance Facilities (Testing Laboratories), did you know that some States specify how, where, when, and what you can sample? Did you know that some States require that the Lab send a tech to the location of the grower or processor and take samples directly from the manufacturing site and that they are not permitted to take in samples provided by the growers or processors for testing at the facility? Did you know that you would be required in those States with such requirements to account for that in your staffing, marketing, and general business plan?

 Yes, the regulations are that narrow, and in many States they are even narrower, limiting where, when and how you can market or advertise your product (and in Michigan, you have to put your marketing plan in as part of your application). Assuring the State that you are familiar with the regulations, as well as having an expert by your side to help ensure your compliance, is often the best way to make sure the State has no recourse to find your business as being non-compliant.

In the event that you do have a compliance problem, we can assist with that too. Hunter Green has worked with many clients who came to us after the State came in and demanded they change practices to get into compliance with State regulations. Whether it is advising on the best way to change packaging or a wholesale change to facility layout or employee hiring practices, we have handled all of these problems for clients, and saved them from serious licensing sanctions, or worse, denial of a State or Municipal license based on non-compliance. Two of the founding members are attorneys with strong litigation and regulatory compliance experience. As a result, Hunter Green Consulting Group provides the best solution to your regulatory compliance plans and needs.

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Tips to Consider When Considering A Merger & Acquisition For Your Marijuana Business

As mergers and acquisitions are rapidly occurring in the Marijuana industry on daily basis, if you have a facility or operation and you are being courted by a larger conglomerate that is interested in either acquiring your business or is commencing talks about a merger and acquisition, there are some key points that you should keep in your outline for consideration and talking points during negotiations. In our experience, the tips outlined below are the most common considerations that clients must analyze in order to make a determination about whether the deal presented is truly worth materializing.

What considerations before designing your facility’s HVAC System will help avoid additional costs and challenges as you aim for scalability in your grow?

One of the biggest questions our clients face in the design and construction of a cultivation facility concerns the HVAC system and which type of system choices will provide the most efficiency, potential for scaling the operation up and be the best financial option to meet the facility’s needs now and later. This is an especially important consideration in Michigan, where we have the joy of four true weather seasons every year, but also the challenges of maintaining as close to a homeostatic environment as possible to ensure that the agriculture being produced is consistent, manageable and does not yield unwanted results as the end of the maturation cycle in all seasons.

MMFLA and MRTMA: How Are They Different?

Short answer: The MMFLA regulates the medical market, is fully established and has final rules in place. The MRTMA is still a work in progress. The statutory language is finalized, but we have no rules yet and no processes for implementation.

Updates on Hemp in Michigan

This morning The Bureau of Marijuana Regulation (BMR) and the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a joint statement about industrial hemp and CBD (also known as cannabidiol). We have been anticipating this announcement since December 12, 2018, when the United States Congress passed the $867 billion dollar Farm Bill that was signed by President Trump on December 20, 2018.

Michigan CIMP Expo — Day 1

Michigan’s first ever Cannabis Industrial Marketplace Michigan Summit & Expo took place on February 26th and 27th of this year –shortly after voters passed recreational marijuana. Many industry pros came from all around the US to get a piece of what is anticipated to be an extremely large industry for Michigan.

Michigan Commercial Grow License Cost

The marijuana industry in Michigan is getting more popular by the day. Investors recognize the potential it holds to create massive business opportunities. Among the many possible business ideas, a commercial growing company is one of the top picks. With this idea, you’ll start a Michigan marijuana business that grows marijuana and can also distribute it.

Starting a Medical Marijuana Business

The Michigan marijuana industry is proving to be very interesting at the moment. There are more and more medical marijuana businesses popping up at all times, and it’s becoming a highly profitable business idea.

If you’re interested in investing in this market and starting a business of your own, then here are a few critical points that you must consider:

Ways to Invest in the Michigan Marijuana Industry

One of the most lucrative emerging sectors for investors and entrepreneurs right now is the marijuana industry. As more and more US states, including Michigan, legalise the drug for medicinal and recreational use, it’s becoming clear that the demand out there needs to be supplied. But how can you get on board and make some money? There are numerous ways to invest in the Michigan marijuana industry, and we’re going to discuss some of the best options today, so read on to find out more.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Obtaining a Michigan Growers License

As many business owners are already aware, Proposition One has passed, and the ownership and use of recreational marijuana are officially legal as of December 6, 2018. Many anticipate that this will further stimulate the growth of the marijuana industry in the state and are looking to get their license to grow marijuana for personal or commercial purposes. But what do you need to know about obtaining a Michigan grower’s license?

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