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How does Hunter Green Consulting Group maximize the likelihood of your success?

Our decades of industry experience coupled with our forward-thinking approach and passion for the cannabis industry allow us to provide you with the best and most-balanced advice available. We consider regulations, trends, new technologies, and the law, as well as your desired rate of growth and achievable scale, in our assessment and the advice provided to you. Unlike other consulting firms who specialize in cookie cutter plans for one facet of the industry, we take a universal, wholistic look at your operations and guide you into the future.


Specific areas of focus for Hunter Green Consulting Group include:

  • Licensing & Permits: We have the expertise and experience to successfully present municipal and state applications, along with lobbying efforts in municipalities who have not opted in to participate in the Marihuana industry.


  • Facility Design: What makes the most sense for you as far as square footage, electrical design, cannabis safe locations, mandatory surveillance equipment location and set-up, potential for expansion as your business grows and how to prepare today for that possibility tomorrow? Which lights will be best for your grow operation? What system of tracking do you use? Which Point Of Sale application is best for your growing business? How do you design a provisioning center that caters to the recreational market as well as the medical market? All of these questions and more can be answered by Hunter Green Consulting Group.
  • Compliance: As decisions are being made about the build out or renovation of your facility, how will you make sure your company is complying with local ordinances, state and federal laws and regulations? Your facility is up and running, so how do you ensure that your business is.
  • Data Analytics: Data and numbers are great, but how do you discern patterns, areas of concern and areas for continuous improvement? The cannabis industry like most other industries is driven by data, but if you do not know what you are looking at or looking for, no matter how good the data is, it is useless. Do you need assistance developing a Pro Forma for a capital raise, merger or acquisition. Hunter Green Consulting Group has generated these for clients.
  • Property Matters: We advise on leases, purchases, zoning issues and corporate structures to establish and maximize marketability with capital raises, mergers and corporate buy outs. Hunter Green Consulting Group focuses on the cost of doing business in this arena. For example, if a company is operating legitimately, but face inquiries from the Internal Revenue Service or federal or local police agencies, how can you set up your corporate structure to protect the investment that has been made into acquiring that asset, whether it is real property, equipment or other tangible assets.
  • Branding, Marketing, and Sales: The importance of branding cannot be overstated in the cannabis industry. Branding is a key component to reaching cannabis consumers. Relating your company’s passion, development and focus on quality is fundamental, especially in a market where consumers are searching for differentiation. The market is still in its infancy. If branding and marketing efforts can distinguish your company’s product from that of a competitor, why not utilize this tool? How will the packaging of your cannabis product differentiate you from your competitors? If you want to market successfully and compliantly, but do not know which strategy will yield the best business results, Hunter Green Consulting Group can address these concerns with data, metrics and analytics that provide the best options available to you to measure effectiveness and give you a clear path to match your business goals.
  • Business Operations: How do you constantly improve your day-to-day operations to yield the most profit, growth potential and viability long term in the cannabis industry? Often times, pursuing opportunities that are in your facility for the taking provides the largest gross margin. For example, the layout of your facility may be having a negative impact on your bottom line. Do you know how much agriculture it takes to make a finished processed good? Are you aware that you should follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified guidelines in order to get the most yield from agriculture? How much time per week or per day should be dedicated to the maintenance and sanitation of your lab?


Business Planning:

This is crucial, as it provides you a map of how to optimize your potential as compared to what market conditions allow for today.

Unlike other firms who provide a “draft” or a pre-typed, plug-and-play plan, we dig into the details and incorporate those finite facts into your business plan to comply with rules and regulations that apply to your business, depending on your location.

We assess what the optimal return on investment (ROI) would be on capital improvements, major equipment and facility purchases, as well providing you with forecasts from those purchases to provide the largest ROI for your entity.

Vertical integration is a primary focus of our expertise. This allows you to ensure a guaranteed amount of product, sales and contracts that will ensure a baseline income on a monthly basis.

A safety compliance plan, an employee plan and an operations plan that incorporates lean/Six Sigma fundamentals is provided to ensure less waste, more profits.

Hunter Green Consulting Group can provide your company with the running costs of operating your facility. What are running costs? These vary depending on which type of marihuana facility you are operating. We can break these costs down on a yearly basis, monthly basis and weekly basis. The more control you have over fixed costs, the more potential you have to grow.

Keeping you covered

Hunter Green Consulting Group can handle any challenge you have in the marijuana industry.



Licensing & Application Assistance

Hunter Green specializes in assisting clients with their applications.  Before you decide to go it alone, think about the following examples: in Michigan, the application is completed in two steps, with forty-seven pages of single-spaced forms

Business Plans & Pro Formas

Of course, you will need to have a business plan for your State and Municipal applications for a commercial marijuana operator’s license as well. Hunter Green has prepared many business plans, some for investors, others for commercial licensing. Even here, there are efficiencies that Hunter Green can provide.

Management & Operations Consulting

Hunter Green Consulting Group understands the need to balance your long-term vision of best case scenario against the reality of what actually makes a highly competitive contender in the cannabis industry today.

Land/Business Acquisitions & Investment

Hunter Green Consulting Group has connections with a number of both small and large investors and venture capital firms that are looking for a variety of opportunities to invest in the marijuana industry, not only on the retail side, but also for cultivation and manufacturing.

Lean Processes & Manufacturing

For marihuana businesses that want to position themselves for long-term success, it starts up front, with designing, building and implementing lean manufacturing principles.

Marketing/Branding/Social Media Consulting & Management

The premium provider of marketing, branding, social media consulting and management for marijuana businesses in Michigan. With our expert guidance and consultancy, we’ll be with you throughout the entire process; from business formation to fulfillment - regardless of how big or small your business is.

Standard Operating Procedures

As with any industry, particularly one as new and in flux as the cannabis marketplace is currently, your survival will be based upon efficiency, regulatory compliance and standardization. Efficiencies can be found across all areas of a cannabis operation, including in your standardizing of regulatory compliance procedures and employee operating procedures.

Regulatory Compliance Management & Consulting

Providing fast, clear and simple answers for clients to ensure that they are complying with their State’s individual regulations, from day one.

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